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Share good food online. Get free products!

Hosting a Virtual Cooking Class led by an Epicure Consultant and enjoy the benefits:

Learn how to prepare delicious, quick meals on a budget.

Friends from anywhere can participate and order their favorite Epicure products with ease. All you do is set a date and invite your friends to virtually join in.

Receive special Host Exclusive offers, fabulous free products, and the opportunity to shop at 50% off. The more guests spend, the more you earn.

Benefits for Business

January is the perfect month to become an Epicure Consultant! For a limited time only, Epicure Cooking Class Hosts can use Host benefits towards the purchase of their Epicure Business Kit.


For example: An average qualified Cooking Class with sales between $500–$749 means that when sponsored, the Host can get their Business Kit at either half off (by using their half price credit) OR up to $112 off (by using their free product credit)! 

Cooking Class Host Benefits

Why Wait? Host an Epicure Cooking Class.