Lisa Reimer

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my page! My name is Lisa Reimer and I live in Winnipeg Manitoba - I have been an Independent Epicure Consultant since January 2013!

My Journey with Epicure began when I decided I wanted to be able to provide HEALTHY, NUTRITIOUS meals for my husband and I. What I have come to learn - is that Epicure has provided SO much more! Epicure allows me the flexibility of working when I want - the chance to go on that 2nd honeymoon - and not to mention - the chance to meet a lot of amazing men & women as well as SHARE all the amazing Epicure opportunities that are available for them!

Are YOU interested in tasting the Epicure opportunity??? Send me an email or feel free to call me - and I'd be happy to share all the amazing opportunities that you can expect with starting your own Epicure business!
Have a lovely day - I look forward to meeting you :)